Barometers & Barographs For Sale Shropshire

What is a barometer ?

A barometer in its current form was originally devised back in the 18th century when the aristocracy used it to measure atmospheric pressure which influenced decisions about their agricultural and domestic plans.

There are many types of barometers utilising both mercury filled tubes and mechanical ‘aneroid’ movements and will give an indication of what to expect weather wise!

A fine Negretti and Zambra brass cased Master Barometer in it’s original case.

Date to c1890

Priced at £395

An unusual Negretti and Zambra brass cased barometer with the case bearing the Naudet (PNHB) stamp.

Dates to c1870

Priced at £295

A Casella military pocket barometer in case. British Army, India.

Dates to c1930

Priced at £195

Large Victorian carved stick barometer. Cotterill of Shrewsbury.

Dates to c1880

Priced at £1,250

Very rare early stick barometer by John (Jn) Corti Fecit (replacement tube fitted).

Dates to c1750

Priced at £1,750

Oak cased stick barometer by J Casartelli of Manchester.

Dates to c1870

Priced at £795

An unnamed Mahogany cased stick barometer with thermometer.

Date to c1870

Priced at £695

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